The euro registered a decline

The euro registered a decline for the first time in three days after the president of the European Central Bank (ECB) Mario Draghi said that bankers must do everything necessary to increase inflation "as quickly as possible", transmits Bloomberg.
Euro common currency fell against 15 of the 16 most important currency after Draghi said in Frankfurt that the risks for the reduction of inflation have risen in recent months. Euro depreciated after Draghi's remarks by 0.6 percent against the dollar to 1.0671 dollars per euro to 10.36 bd. time.
The governor reiterated its readiness for action by the ECB, if inflation is at risk to take the downside, transmitted WBP Online.
The euro began to depreciate even before Draghi's speech after the latest data showed that producer prices in Germany fell more than expected in October. German producer prices fell by 2.3 per cent in October on an annual basis, while analysts polled by Bloomberg expected a decline of 2 percent.
Draghi gave a speech at the European Finance Week in Frankfurt, while investors follow closely his statements, looking for signs of the next steps the ECB to fight inflation threats and the slow economic recovery in the eurozone. Expected during the day reports to decide Vice President Vitor Constancio ECB and Bundesbank President Jens Vaydman.